Opening Day 10.07.2005
United Skys has provided clients with the possibilities of creating skylights utilizing custom extrusions and designs, large intricate geometric shapes and complex engineering and manufacturing. Our expertise of over 30 years allows for the development of these large architectural enclosures.

From 2 feet to 60 feet, any pitch, finish, glazing inset or geometric design is available.

Our standard shapes can provide single slopes at up to 30 feet without steel support.

Low rise, hemispheres to elliptical cones, segmented or curved. We provide a wide variety of vaults to enclose your spaces.

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Any pitch or variety, these systems provide a great way to create a glazed enclosure.

With a variety of pitches and mullion spaces, United Skys can provide up to 100 feet of free spans.

You pick the segments and pitch, United Skys will manufacture to your specifications.

From small enclosures to large vertical walls and large unsupported spans, United Skys sheds help complete a full range of architectural enclosures.

From curved to segmented, flat to multispans, glass, polycarbonates or panels, United Skys provides systems for all designs.

United Skys systems utilize all infills from glass to polycarbonate and DBL systems.

If you have a specific requirement not found in other skylight systems, call or email our design consultant who will assist you in developing and producing the design you want.

Sunshades are growing more popular in new building design due to their aesthetic quality and sun-limiting functionality.

Make use of an enclosure that will provide you with your own special oasis used year round.

United Skys

The Leader in SkyLights, Atriums, Solariums, and Sloped Glazing. We provide preliminary design consulting, budgets, project management, testing, manufacturing and installations worldwide.